Drinking This Tea May Help Manage Your Stress

I have been drinking Tulsi Tea (Holy Basil) everyday for over a year, and have experienced many health benefits.

Tulsi is a sacred plant (herb) grown in India. It is a relative of the kitchen herb basil but has a stronger, clove-like aroma and taste. There are 2 varieties, a warming Tulsi and cooling Tulsi. Surprisingly, Indians do not use it in cooking, but because of its medicinal properties it is used mainly as a tea. Tulsi has been used traditionally to support the following: Heart Health, Optimal Breathing, Joint Health, Vision Health and Skin Health.

Research in both animals and humans have demonstrated lack of toxicity and many benefits, including reduction of inflammation and protecting both the body and brain from the harmful effects of stress.

Holy Basil has also proven to have a positive effect on one’s mood and is even safe to use with antidepressants. According to Dr Jim Nicolai, MD, he has had great success prescribing Holy Basil to his patients suffer from stress-related conditions. This tea is at the top of his list of plant-based strategies when targeting stress related issues. His personal experience is that it lengthens the “emotional-fuse” leaving him feeling calm and balanced in stressful situations.

If you are experiencing stress and have not yet tried Tulsi Tea (Holy Basil) I would recommend you do so. The best way to use this tea as medicine is to brew it overnight, let sit and drink several cups the following day at room temperature. This has been my regiment for quite sometime with great success. You can find many blended varieties of Tulsi Tea in tea bag form in traditional and health food stores. I prefer to use organic loose Tulsi and not the blended tea bag form found only in certain health food stores.

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