body treatment
Body Treatments

The following applies to all body treatments:

  • 1/2 hour Sauna Therapy will be added to Detoxing/Slimming Treatment
  • All Body Treatments begins with gentle dry brushing to stimulate the Lymphatic System and to begin the process of removing dry, dead skin cells.



The body is exfoliate with a special blend of your choice of coffee, chocolate, lavender or other essential oil infused scrub. A warm shower follows; finishing with appropriate infused moisturizer = Beautiful and Radiant All Over
Time: 1hr 10mins
Price range: $115 – $135 (depending on products selected)


Detoxing/Slimming Mud Treatment

The treatment uses a new and exciting formula…Mud Oil Pack. This revitalizing bodywrap & mud treatment is based on 50% black mud from the Dead Sea with an infusion of essential oils. This formula promotes optimal cleansing of the entire body without the sulfurous smell of mud.
Time: 2hrs 5mins
Price: $160